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About My Auto Matters

My Auto Matters stands out in the car industry, driven by a profound passion and a decade of experience. Here, we focus on delivering exceptional service, offering significant savings, and cultivating lasting relationships. We take a personal and transparent approach to the car buying and selling process, ensuring you receive an unforgettable experience.

Our Mission

At My Auto Matters, we aim to do more than just assist you in finding the right car or getting a great deal. We see ourselves as your trusted guides in the journey toward car ownership. Whether it’s guiding a first-time buyer or assisting a seasoned car enthusiast, our goal is to understand your specific desires and provide personalized support. Our commitment is to ensure a tailored service experience for every client.

Our Resources and Connections

With a broad network and strong partnerships in the automotive industry, My Auto Matters provides exclusive access to a diverse selection of vehicles at competitive prices. Our close relationships with reputable dealerships enable us to bring you deals and insights, enhancing your options. We’re dedicated to making the car discovery process straightforward and enjoyable, helping you find the perfect vehicle with ease.

About Syann Julian, The Driving Force Behind My Auto Matters:

From early roots in a family steeped in automotive tradition, Syann’s passion for the car industry was sparked before she could even drive. Her career began at the ground level, from hands-on roles in vehicle marketing and vehicle clean up to pivotal positions across Hillsborough, Pasco, and Manatee Counties. Syann’s journey through the ranks—from Parts Manager and Rental Coordinator, to consistently dominating the sales floor, to Internet Sales Manager, Used Car Sales Manager, and lastly, Finance Manager—reflects a breadth of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As the Owner Operator, Syann now channels a decade of diverse experience into creating a unique online marketplace. Here, the stress of car buying dissolves, replaced by a process designed for satisfaction on both sides of the transaction. My Auto Matters stands as a testament to Syann’s vision: a space where profit doesn’t overshadow purpose, and every deal is a step towards building community.
With a deep understanding of the nuances of independent dealerships, Syann is dedicated to merging traditional values with digital innovation. Her goal? To develop an unparalleled inventory lead source, making the search for or sale of the perfect car effortless and expansive.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Syann cherishes downtime with family, finds serenity by the water, and loves the companionship of her dogs. Traveling fuels her soul, each trip bringing new insights and experiences that enrich her both personally and professionally. Her rise from humble beginnings to industry influencer is a journey marked by resilience, guided by a belief in overcoming every hurdle.
At the heart of Syann’s drive is a simple, powerful philosophy: navigate life with faith over fear. This mantra keeps her engine revving, ensuring My Auto Matters not only succeeds but leaves a lasting, positive mark in the automotive world.

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  • Unparalleled expertise in online car sales.
  • A dedicated specialist in secondary lending for financing solutions.
  • A commitment to open communication, honesty, and tailoring our approach to your needs.
  • Your trusted partner for a delightful car-buying journey, prioritizing your individual requirements and preferences.

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