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About My Auto Matters

My Auto Matters, isn't just your typical automotive service. It represents over a decade of passion, expertise, and innovation in the automotive industry, grounded in the values of exceptional service, cost savings, and the cultivation of genuine connections.

Our Mission

At My Auto Matters, our mission goes beyond simply helping you make informed automotive decisions and securing great deals. It's about being your trusted partner on the road to car ownership while fostering meaningful relationships. Whether you're a first-time car buyer or a seasoned enthusiast, we're here to understand your unique needs and preferences, all while placing a strong emphasis on tailored guidance.

Our Resources and Connections

My Auto Matters boasts a robust network of resources and industry affiliations. Through our connections with dealerships throughout the region, we're uniquely positioned to offer you exclusive access to a diverse range of vehicles at unbeatable prices. Our extensive resources not only enable us to provide exclusive deals and valuable market insights but also allow us to customize financing options to your specific needs. We're not simply a brokerage; we're your key to a world of automotive possibilities, dedicated to delivering a distinctive experience.

Meet Syann Julian, Owner Operator

Rooted in a family tradition of automotive excellence, Syann’s journey in the car business was ignited at a very young age. Starting with foundational roles in vehicle marketing and car detailing, she diligently worked her way up. In key Florida markets like Hillsborough County, Pasco County, and Manatee County, her roles spanned from Parts Manager to Rental Coordinator, and then into sales, where her stellar record spoke volumes. Climbing the ladder to Internet Manager, Used Car Sales Manager, and then Finance Manager, Syann cultivated her skills in operations and financial management. Now, as the Owner Operator of our auto brokerage, her rich heritage and diverse experiences empower her to deliver a seamless and enjoyable car shopping experience, leaving customers smiling from start to finish.

Syann’s approach is simple yet impactful - she listens to her customers’ needs, moving beyond just profits. Her referral program rewards satisfied customers with $150, also benefiting the community. What truly resonates with her is when customers appreciate how she eases the stress tied to car buying.
Looking forward, Syann is dreaming big - on a mission to build an inventory lead source, aiming to make finding the perfect car deal a breeze for people near and far. Off the clock, Syann cherishes family time, finds peace near the water, and enjoys being around her beloved dogs. She loves to travel, seeking out new experiences and adventures. Her journey from the bottom to the top in the car industry has instilled a steadfast belief in overcoming challenges, fueling her drive to excel in her career and make a positive impact on others.
Guided by a philosophy of embracing faith over fear, Syann keeps her engine revving, a metaphor for staying motivated, focused, and ready to leave a lasting, positive imprint wherever possible.

Why Choose Us

  • Unparalleled expertise in online car sales.
  • A dedicated specialist in secondary lending for financing solutions.
  • A commitment to open communication, honesty, and tailoring our approach to your needs.
  • Your trusted partner for a delightful car-buying journey, prioritizing your individual requirements and preferences.

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Got questions or inquiries? Don't hesitate to reach out. Let's embark on this exciting car-buying journey together, with a commitment to tailoring our service to meet your unique needs and preferences

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